Attendance Policies

Missed Lesson Policy

  • No refunds or make-up lessons will be given for lessons or group classes that a student misses, for any reason. This includes illness, schedule conflicts, family vacations, etc.*
  • If I need to cancel a private lesson, I will reschedule the missed lesson for a time convenient for you.

Withdrawing from the Studio

When you sign up for lessons, you are committing to a program that runs for the entire year, including the summer (on a more flexible schedule) In the rare event that you need to stop lessons mid-year please give me one month’s notice or one month of tuition after the last lesson. I will reimburse any partial quarterly tuition beyond the month.

*Why don’t I make up student absences?

Violin teaching is my career and livelihood. When you sign up for lessons, you are reserving a weekly time slot in my schedule. If you miss your lesson, the time slot is over and gone. We can’t get time back and I am not likely to be able to schedule another student for that time. If you ask for a makeup or reimbursement the lesson, you are asking me to give up time I have scheduled for my personal life or income I have budgeted for. Asking to pay less tuition at the beginning of the quarter is the same as a reimbursement. Consider that the more lessons and events you come to the better value you get for your tuition dollar.

Please read this article for more on the economics of make-up lessons.