Of me as the teacher:

  • Provide a creative teaching environment that motivates both the student and parent.
  • Approach lessons with a positive, encouraging attitude.
  • Provide clear instructions in a format that will promote successful completion at home.
  • Assist in communication between the parent and student.
  • Provide support and information to the parent in many formats.
  • Inspire a love of learning and a love of making music.
  • Support the development of community among the studio’s students and parents.

Of you as the parent:

  • Attend lessons, take detailed notes, and make sure students listen to their recordings.
  • Organize yours and your child’s daily routine to facilitate daily practice.
  • Assist in daily practice, following through on what the I have assigned in private and group lessons.
  • Ask questions for clarification during the lesson or later during the week (you can email me or call with questions).
  • Encourage and support your child’s efforts in a positive atmosphere. This includes trying to keep distractions to a minimum during practice, sticking to a practice routine and celebrating the progress being made.
  • Be creative in your approach to daily practicing and listening.

Of your child:

  • Attend lessons with a positive, open attitude and a desire to participate.
  • Ask questions to clarify anything that is unclear.
  • Practice the assigned material at least six days per week.
  • Work respectfully with your parent.
  • Listen to the recordings daily, even if there is no time to practice.
  • Take ownership of your music learning: be creative in how you practice, perform and incorporate music into your daily life.

By participating in my studio students commit to

  • Attend private lessons once a week.
  • Attend bi-monthly group classes.
  • Practice the violin and listening to repertoire recordings at least six days per week.
  • Perform in studio recitals.

Private Lesson Etiquette:

  • Come early and un-pack your instrument before the lesson to maximize your lesson time (and enjoy the opportunity to listen to another student’s lesson).
  • Refrain from texting or answering phone calls during the lesson (except for emergencies).
  • Siblings are welcome but please provide them with a means of quiet entertainment.
  • Please inform me as early as possible if you know you will be missing a lesson.
  • Please do not attend lesson if your child is ill, or if you are ill. We can arrange a lesson over zoom if you are sick or (for any reason) cannot bring your child to lesson.