Location and Rates


Private lessons are taught out of my home studio which is located near Redmond Town Center and  two blocks from Grass Lawn Park:

7015 152nd Av NE Redmond, WA, 98052.

Group classes are taught at the  Suzuki Strings of Redmond studio, 8250 165th Ave NE, Suite #100 in downtown Redmond.


Tuition is charged quarterly, with quarters beginning in September, January, April and mid-June. Quarterly tuition is calculated based on the length of students’ weekly lessons multiplied by the number of lessons in the quarter,  plus a quarterly studio fee (explained below). Lessons are priced at $35 per 30 minute lesson, $50 per 45 minute lesson and $65 per 60 minute lesson.  

I charge a $25 quarterly studio fee per family to cover the costs of quarterly recital, studio materials, scheduling and accounting.

Group classes are calculated at $12 per class multiplied by the number of group classes in the quarter (usually 6 sometimes 7 or 8 for longer quarters) for students attending group classes. Group class fees are charged quarterly. Please attend as many as you can.

For families with multiple students taking violin or viola classes I provide a $50 quarterly discount.

Payment is due at the beginning of each quarter. You have the option to pay with one check or with three post dated checks, dated the first of each month of the quarter. No cash please. Checks should be made payable to me, Sharon Wherland.

Participation in my studio is to be considered a year-long commitment, including participation in lessons, recitals and group classes. Tuition covers all the benefits of the program and is not a per-lesson payment

No refunds will be given for lessons or group classes that a student misses, for any reason. I will reschedule or reimburse you for any lessons that I miss. For more details click here to go to the “Missed Lessons Policy” page.

For new students:  Tuition will be adjusted based on the date during the quarter that you begin lessons. The quarterly studio fee ($25) will remain the same. 

 There is no charge for your first lesson.

Withdrawing from the studio
When you sign up for lessons, you are committing to a program that runs for the entire year. In the rare event that you need to stop lessons mid-year please give me one month’s notice or one month of tuition after the last lesson. I will reimburse any partial quarterly tuition beyond the month.