Group Classes

Group classes are biweekly classes for groups of students at roughly the same age and level. These classes are a supplement, not a replacement, for private lessons. Group classes provide an opportunity to build ensemble playing skills, ear-training, music theory and support the work being done in the lessons with fun group activities. They also help build community and friendships between students and families in the studio.

The classes intentionally overlap so that students are working at their level as well as reviewing earlier repertoire and listening to students play more advanced repertoire. Students are encouraged to stay longer, into the next classes to hear more advanced pieces and I am often able to include them with related activities.

Please consider attending group class to be part of your family’s commitment to studying the violin. If your child is at the age and level for which a group class is offered she/he will be expected to attend. Parents should plan to stay for the group class. (We will discuss group class more during your lesson).

Students taking from other Suzuki teachers in the area are welcome to enroll in my group class program. The same class fee and expectations apply.

Please contact me for details: or 206-307-2318.

Location and Rates

All group classes are taught  twice per month on Sunday afternoons at the Suzuki Strings of Redmond studio, 8250 165th Ave NE, Suite #100 in downtown Redmond. Viola and violin students will be in the same class.

The group class fee is charged as a single quarterly fee that breaks down to $12 per class. The Fall, 2017 quarter contains 7 group classes so the fee is $84 per student. Paying the full group class tuition is required for attending group classes. Please attend as many as you can and keep in mind that I do not make-up or reimburse missed group classes.

Group Class Calendar, Fall 2018
September 9, 23
October  7, 21
November 4, 18
December 2


Class Timings:

Book 1 Group Class: 3:30-4:15                                                                                                                    This class is suitable for pre-Twinkle student through Book 1. It will involve  rhythm, movement and concentration work as well as work with the violins, learning how to play together with other students and follow a leader. I also use the group class to reinforce repertoire, techniques being worked on in lesson, as well as music reading and music theory. Some of the class will cover songs they have not yet learned.  This is intentional. Students are encouraged to stay and watch the following class and participate in any activities or songs they feel comfortable playing.

Book 2 Group Class: 3:45-4:30 Book 2 students will be expected to maintain Book 1 songs in their memory as they will be reviewed and used for technique building. This class will also work on basic music theory and ear-training concepts as well as note reading and improvisation. Students in early book 2 should come early, during the book 1 class.

Book 3 Group Class: 4:00-4:45  While maintaining all previously learned books is a goal, I understand that it can be difficult after book 2. A repertoire list for each group class will be posted so that students can focus their review work on pieces that will be covered in that week’s group class. This class will also touch on music theory, ear-training, technique preparation for book 4 and improvisation.

Books 4  Group Class: 4:30-5:30This class will cover material and concept posted in the group class schedule as well as some music theory, ear-training,  improvisation, and sight-reading and chamber music.

Book 5-8 Group Class: 4:30-6:00 More advanced students are expected to have more stamina, thus the class is longer. Expect to play pieces from book 3 through your current piece, as well as the chamber music assignments. I will cover more advances music theory and improvisation techniques in this class as well.